Your heart rate monitor,

Simply hold your phone in front of you and get your
heart rate measured in seconds.

NOT FOR MEDICAL USE: If pulse rate is critical to your health, you need to have your pulse taken by a medical professional. The Cardiio app is not intended to monitor, diagnose, prevent or treat any condition, or to be a substitute for professional medical care. Measurements and statistics are intended for research, informational and educational purposes only, to support general health and wellness. The Cardiio app has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Simply Magical.

Touch-free Heart Rate Monitoring.

Cardiio works by simply having you look straight into the front camera of your iPhone/iPad to measure your heart rate from a distance. No uncomfortable chest straps needed. You don't even have to touch the camera! It's a whole new way to monitor your heart and track your health.

Every Beat Counts.

Create Your Personal Dashboard.

Scan your heart rate when you wake up, after a run or yoga, or before a meeting with your boss! See how your heart rate changes over time through beautiful visualizations of your data.


Uncover patterns and exceptions to your week.


Get the range of highs and lows of your heart rate for the day.


Capture trends in your heart rate and progress towards your goal.

Gain Insight.

Your Resting Heart Rate is An Important Indicator of General Wellness, Fitness and Longevity.

Cardiio analyzes your heart rate data to provide you with a fitness level rating and also estimates your potential life expectancy (for entertainment purposes only). Set personal goals for your resting heart rate and see how you stack up against others!

Own Your Data.

Annotate, Export and Share!

Share your data with family and close friends. Post your insights to Facebook or Twitter. Connect to RunKeeper and store your data in the Health Graph cloud!

How Cardiio Works.

Cardiio is powered by cutting-edge research and science conducted at the MIT Media Lab. Every time your heart beats, more blood is pumped into your face. This slight increase in blood volume causes more light to be absorbed, and hence less light is reflected from your face. Cardiio uses your camera to track these tiny changes in reflected light that are not visible to the human eye and calculate your heart beat!

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